Claretian Missionaries. First Encounter of Claretian Educators of America


October 11, 2017

encuentro educatoresNEWS 2017 -  From September 22 to 28, more than ninety educators from 7 Major Organisms of MICLA met in the retreat house Santa Maria de los Farallones in Santiago de Cali, Colombia to celebrate the First Encounter of Educators of America. The motto was "Walking together in the joy of evangelization."

The objective was to provide a space for the meeting, celebration and formation of the Claretian educators, who, in harmony with the guidelines of the XXV General Chapter, the Conference of America and the Third World Meeting of Educators held in Bangalore, deepen in their Claretian identity, in the Word, and in Solidarity and Mission.

In order to illuminate this process, the following Claretians were invited to give inputs: Fr. Agustin Monroy of the Colombia-Venezuela Province, Fr. César Espinoza, of the Province of Centroamérica and coordinator of the Solidarity and Mission team and Jaime Michea, lay collaborator, Province of San José del Sur and coordinator of the Biblico Team.

During the course of the meeting, questions arose and in the afternoon of the last day, by zones of MICLA with the following questions were worked out: How to continue the Bible ministry, Claretian Identity, Mission and Solidarity in our schools in America? What other dimensions should we consider as MICLA?

Common proposals to all three areas that were identified

As one of the fruits of the Encounter, the first Team of Educators of MICLA was formed:

Marìa Yaquelin Antigua Javier (Antillas)
P. Gustavo Adolfo Verdugo (San José del Sur)
Perú – Bolivia: Daniel Odoma Igono (Perú-Bolivia)
P. Claudio Bastos (Brasil) y Coordinador del Equipo
P. José Enrique García (Centroamérica)
Manuela Valoyes Córdoba (Colombia-Venezuela)
Diego Balaguera (Colombia-Ecuador)
Astrid Bibiana Medina (Representante de las claretianas)


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