FSPs at the Turin Book Salon



italia-torino-06NEWS 2016 - The 29th edition of the International Book Salon hosted by the city of Turin ended just a short time ago. It was a positive event in every way for the FSPs, and not only in terms of giving visibility to our publishing house and the stand’s wide range of titles, ranging from spirituality to psychology, from social responsibilities to the formation of children and teens.

Also very positive were the cultural events promoted by our sisters, such as the presentation of the book La Giustizia Capovolta (Justice Turned Upside Down) by Fr. Occhetta, and the press conference they held to launch a new series entitled Learning More About Islam. The authors of the first two books of this series were present for the occasion, to the delight of those who attended the event. In the children’s area of the stand, author Daniela Cologgi offered youngsters a unique interpretation of her book, The Voyage of the Little Prince, using passages from Antoine de Saint Exupery’s well known story, accompanied by music and the image of an endearing little wolf, to present the text in a way that invited her small listeners to look into their hearts.
On 16 May, the FSP stand was besieged by several classes of primary school students, who eagerly listened to Chiara Valentina Segré, author of the book, Una Spiga per Kahlim (A Stalk of Wheat for Kahlim), which highlights how important it is to distribute food equitably.
In short, this year’s Book Salon offered people of all ages and all walks of life many opportunities to reflect on the major issues of our times.

Source: paoline.org, May 18, 2016
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