National Meeting of the Salesian Schools’ Network


May 09, 2016

enarseNEWS 2016 - ENARSE XIV to Brasilia-DF in Brazil was held and re-united the representatives of more than 100 networked schools, the personnel and national directors of the Network, and the managers and leaders of the six regional centres to reflect on the theme: “Identity and Mission of the Salesian Catholic School: subject, contemporary environments, and future prospects”. 
“Our identity and our mission as Salesian Catholic Schools urge us to have clear objectives, innovative strategies, and principles and values guided by the educational and Christian proposal in order to meet the youth culture in the contemporary context.  It is a very complex work that requires much experience and collaborative networks”.  This is the analysis presented by the executive director of the Salesian Network of Schools, Sr. Adair Sberga, at the National Convention (ENARSE XIV). 

Fr. Jose Adam Rodrigues da Silva, shared the executive committee of RS, its success in the manifestation: “ENARSE was very dynamic and participatory.  It satisfied the expectations of the scholastic directors as was noted by the numerous positive events gathered during the event.  The exchange of experience on the network and the formative and informative guidelines assumed favoured seriousness and responsibility at the meeting”.

One of the strong points of ENARSE XIV was the high quality of the chosen presenters.  The two round tables treated: “The challenges of the Salesian School in contemporary environments” in many ways had the participation of teachers and experts of various universities.
A very significant contribution was that of the noted researcher, Gregory B. Whitby, director of the Diocesan School of Paramatta, Australia, and President of CeNet (Australian Catholic Education Network) who spoke to the participants on the theme: “Mission and formation of the director: fundamental elements to overcome the actual challenges of Catholic Education”.
On the evening of the same day, Whitby also held a conference for the educators of the School Network, transmitted directly on YouTube, in which the theme was: “Innovation and creativity in educational practice: fundamental elements for the contemporary skill of education”. For the Executive Director of the Brazil Salesian Network, Fr. José Marinoni, this was without a doubt, one of the major important aspects at ENARSE XIV.

Another significant aspect of ENARSE XIV was the presence of six students of the Brasilia school, who, in the name of all the students of the network, presented their reflections and questions.  They highlighted how the Salesian school helps them to become competent in reaching their goals, to become good Christians and honest citizens. 
One of the young people, Felipe Emanuel, said during the event that, “When one enters, the Salesian spirit is immediately felt.  The school allows the students to express their opinions”.
The intense program of ENARSE XIV also included the start of discussions and collegial re-elaborations of the Salesian Plan of Instruction, reflection on ESA IV (fourth Meeting of the American Salesian schools that will occur, and the monitoring of projects that are in the development or distribution phase, among which the Center of Salesian formation, the partnership with the Edebé Brazil Publishers, and Enrolment Campaign 2017.

Source:, May 03, 2016

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