Ethiopia: The Jubilee of Mercy via Radio Waves


April 06, 2016

paoline radioNEWS 2016 - To make use of all available tools to spread knowledge on the themes of the extraordinary Holy Year indicted by Pope Francis, and encourage everyone to put them into practice.

In response to this appeal, the Ethiopian Bishops’ Conference, through its Executive Secretariat (ECS), is using several national radio networks to air special programs on the themes of the Jubilee. These networks have great impact in a country with 100 million inhabitants scattered throughout large urban centers like Addis Abeba and isolated rural areas. The Bishops’ Conference is also taking advantage of this opportunity to share reflections linked to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato si.’
Three radio networks in particular, those with the highest audience figures, have aired most of the programs in Aramaic, the official language commonly spoken throughout the various communities of Ethiopia. As the ECS spokesperson explained in a press release: “Following the words of the Holy Father, we decided to communicate the message of mercy not only to Catholics but also to all people of good will, that is, the population as a whole. That is why we have opted for a media tool like the radio, which can be easily accessed throughout the country. Ethiopian communities living across the borders can listen to the programs through live streaming online.”
Source:, March 29, 2016
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