Innovation In Montfortian Spiritality


 August 08, 2014

Montfort bigSPIRITUALITY - The needs and demands of 21st century spiritual aspirations call for nothing short of innovation. Some of the international leaders of Montfort Brothers were in MSC, Bangalore, for an appraisal of this global initiative.
The Vicar General of the Society, Yvan Passebon, from Rome and K.M. Joseph, the previous President of CRI and now a member of the International Team were in Bangalore from 15–18 July.

“The world today is more attuned to spirituality than mainline religious practices and we need to exercise our missionary dynamism in the area of inclusive spirituality” said Passebon who hails from France.

“The quest for spirituality is breaking the borders of religions like the Berlin wall and we need to reinvent our relationship in the brotherhood of God and sisterhood of Man. Montfort Spirituality Center (MSC) can provide a platform for a brotherhood Church of St. Francis of Assisi piloted by the Jesuit Pope” said Joseph who is on a visit to South India.

The leaders visited the Montfort College of Counselling, the premier institution in India which offers University Degrees in this much sought after skill from two Universities. The students include among others about 30 religious and priests at any given time. This missionary training for conflict resolution and wholeness of life goes much beyond the sacrament of reconciliation.

The Montfort Brothers are a significant force in the Indian Church and society with 7 Provinces spread across the country. In addition to their vast commitment to Christian education, their special initiatives include the College of Education for Deaf and Blind in Meghalaya, the Montfort Social Institute in Hyderabad for Human Rights Education and engagement among the poor for social change across the country, the College of Counselling for conflict resolution skills and integration of life, and Spirituality Center for mainstreaming spiritual power that can sustain divine values in a fast changing society.

St. Montfort is an 18th century saint, the last of the Sulpicians, who were in the forefront of the French School of Spirituality in the Church. Hundreds of congregations were inspired and influenced by this spiritual heritage. St. John Paul II was an ardent follower of this Montfort and had his motto, Totus Tuus, taken from him.

Welcoming the international leaders to the Montfort Spirituality Center, the Director, Bro. Paulose Mekkunnel, said that we are an evolving Center and a happening place. The futuristic initiative rooted in the dynamism of Montfort will blossom as a leading hub in the spiritual quest of the 21st century.

Bro. Mani Mekkunnel, SG

Source: Conference of Religious India Bulletin, July 23, 2014

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