Order of preachers. Institution of the Commission for the Vocation of Cooperator Brothers in the Order



corpbros2xCONSECRATED LIFE - The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré has instituted a Commission for the Vocation of Cooperator Brothers in the Order. The Commission will operate until the General Chapter of 2019.

This Commission follows on from the Coordinating Committee on the Study of the Cooperator Brothers on their specific vocation in the Order (ACG Trogir 2013, 80-82;Relatio MO, I 13).

The mandate of the New Commission are as follows:

- To propose to the Master of the Order the ways and means to implement the conclusions of the study carried out by the Coordinating Committee referred to above.

- To respond to the request of the Acts of the General Chapter of Bologna:

“We request that  the Coordinating Committee for Implementing the Dominican Cooperator Brothers Study prepare for the next General Chapter (2019) a text defining the identity and mission of the Cooperator Brothers in the Order, and that the text is likely to be included in this chapter of the LCO as a special section” (ACG Bologna 2016, 230).

- to draw inspiration from the following exhortation made by this same General Chapter

: “Taking into account the important role of Cooperator Brothers in our Order ... etc.”(ACG Bologna 2016, 129).

- To propose to the Order guidelines to promote today the vocation of the Cooperator Brothers.

The member of the Commission are:

The Socius of the Master of the Order for fraternal life and formation - fr Vivian Boland,

fr Herman Johnson (St Martin de Poress, USA),

fr Fabien Joseph Hignette (Toulouse),

fr Mariusz Skowranski (Poland),

fr Miguel Angel Espinoza Sanchez (Venezuela - Holy Rosary),

fr Mario Daniel Ibezim (Nigeria),

fr Joseph Mai van Tuyen (Vietnam),

fr Tomasz Gaj (Poland).

The commission will choose its president. The Socius of The Master of the Order for fraternal life and formation will convene the first meeting. He will invite brothers Roberto Clark and Ignatius Perkins, in order to ensure continuity with the work carried out by the previous Commission.

The first meeting of the Commission will be organized in order to define the work programme. The Commission may also propose to me to add two other brothers, chosen for their personal experience and/or their theological or historical competence.

The first meeting of the Commission will take place from 8 to 12 October 2017 at the Convent of Santa Sabina, Rome.

Source: op.org

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