GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII. July 22. Reflection and Dialogue on Vocational Culture, the Annexe to the General Plan of Formation and Foundation VIC.


July 25, 2017

vedrunaCONSECRATED LIFE - When we saw in the calendar that we were going to have work only on the theme of Vocational Culture, The annexe to the GPF and Foundation Vic, we thought it was going to be a calm and peaceful day, with a lot of time to deal with the topics at ease......but we were mistaken.

You can’t imagine what these themes have given us, the interest which they have evoked and the advancement which the first of these has achieved in the Provinces and Delegation.

Vocational Culture in its content hasn’t just helped in our mission with the youth. It turned our conscience and our heart and helped us to look at life in another manner. How beautiful it was to see the concrete steps that each Province has taken; which has meant a personal conversion in the Communities and how it has changed our way of orientating our walking with the youth.

In the previous Chapter, when we had compiled the title, “Walk with the youth towards a new vocational culture” in the Document “Proclaim and Defend Life”, I don’t think anyone had the slightest idea how far it would reach. We rejoiced listening to ourselves and we saw that it also helped us in order to walk together towards a new vocational culture.

Regarding the Annexe to the GPF, it is seen as a qualitative advancement. We recognized that the General Plan of Formation continues to have a full validity, but it needed a certain adaptation to the new times and new paradigms. It includes new focus and indispensable elements in formation for the today that we live.

When it is touched up, approved and sent, you too will understand what we are telling you today

Foundation VIC and its history from its inception warmed up our heart and permitted us to know this aspect that is so much ours and so important; so is the solidarity with the impoverished and the attention to the needs which reach us from all the Continents.

Truly, we could define our Foundation VIC as “the greatness of small gestures”.  We arrived at a conviction that one can reach very far even though the steps we take may seem very short.” We would like to inform you that in the webpage, you can find a video that will confirm what we are saying.

Ah! Tomorrow night don’t look for any information.  Sunday is a free day, and what is
done on a free day is not counted. The Commission for Communication is also free.


Video sobre violencia de género



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