UISG News: Woman’s Dignity and Talitha Kum



September 18, 2015

UISG NEWS - "Little girl, I say to you, arise". Sr. Gabriella Bottani, coordinator of Talitha Kum project of UISG, gave a talk during the International Simposium on the Pastoral Care of The Road/Street, held in Rome. “Talitha Kum is a powerful phrase. It calls to mind the transformative power of compassion and mercy. It awakens us from the slumber of passivity, resignation and indifference.

For our Network Talitha Kum is call of hope, giving us the courage to carry on weaving together networks of freedom and dignity, witnessing to our commitment as consecrated women and men to announce the Kingdom, drawing spiritual sustenance from being with those who are set deep in darkness of social vulnerability and exploitation.

The majority of Talitha Kum's members are women. We aim to be neighbours to those who suffer the serious consequences of trafficking in persons, women, children, men. Anyone who is injured in his/her own dignity and deprived of liberty, regardless of their lifestyle, race, religion, economic condition or sexual orientation.”


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