Nepal lauds Jesuits' contribution to education


February 10, 2014

nepalEDUCATION - "All young people would like to study with Jesuits," said veteran educationist Professor Manaprasad Wagle, echoing views of Nepalese educationists and officials.

Wagle’s compliments came on the occasion of the Hindu festival of Shree Panchami, the day of wisdom and knowledge dedicated to goddess Saraswati.

The history of the country showed that Jesuits and their schools have pioneered international standard of education in Nepal, Professor Wagle said.

"We have to thank them," because they incorporated Oxford standard courses in the curriculum, improving students' knowledge and wisdom and for more than 60 years have improved the quality of education.

Education Ministry spokesperson Mahasram Sharma agreed with Professor Wagle and thanked the Catholic community, especially the Jesuits.

Jesuit Father Thomas Augustine, dean at St Francis Xavier College in Kathmandu said, "Anything that improves man, improves the world and his soul. In view of this, we shall continue to serve this nation with all that is necessary."


Source: Union of Catholic Asian News, February 07, 2014

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