AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - Christian and Islamic NGOs together to promote peace


May 18, 2016

banguiINTERRELIGIOUS DIALOG - "Interfaith Partnership for the consolidation of peace in the Central African Republic (CIPP)". This is the name of a joint project funded by a group of Christian and Islamic NGOs to support the peace process in the African country that is making significant progress to exit the Civil War.
The CIPP is sponsored by the Interfaith platform for the peace of Central Africa, founded in 2013 by representatives of the three major religions of the country, the Catholic Archbishop of Bangui Mgr. Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the president of the Central African Islamic Council, Imam Oumar Kobine Layama, and the president of the Evangelical Alliance, pastor Nicolas Guérékoyaméné-Gbangou, by Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Islamic Relief Worldwide, by World vision and Aegis Trust.
"For the first time, the partners will support a project which will last five years", said Mgr. Nzapalainga.
The initiative has received a funding of $ 7 million by American Agency for Development (USAID), in addition to other 4 million donated by individuals. The program has three strategic objectives: strengthening the capacity of Central African institutions so that they become promoters of social cohesion; economic development of the poorer sections of the population; support for victims of violence and peace education.
The project was presented in Bangui on May 13 with a screening of an interview to the three leaders of the interfaith platform for peace who claim that the Central African crisis is not confessional, but political and social.

Source:, May 16, 2016

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