Dialogue as a Path for Mutual Understanding and Peace between Christianity and Buddhism


May 02, 2016

buddhismINTERRELIGIOUS DIALOG - The Asian Synod emphatically stated that interreligious dialogue is "particularly important in Asia, home to many world religions." 1 This is true. Today, Christians in Asia cannot think of God without dialoguing with other religions. 2 This holds particularly true for Myanmar, which is predominantly a Buddhist country. While there is no violent conflict between Buddhists and Christians, there exist today some misunderstandings, mistrust, doubts and prejudices between the two religions. To overcome these tensions, and to establish a lasting understanding and peace between the Buddhists and the Christians, dialogue must play a key role. With this in mind, in this article, we will deal with dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity in Myanmar. First and foremost, we will explore the different perspectives of the Buddhists and the Christians towards each other. We will then articulate the issues surrounding inclusivism. Finally, interreligious dialogue will be addressed as a means of building mutual understanding and peace between Buddhism and Christianity.

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