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Palliative Care
Palliative Care Toolkit - Improving care from the roots up in resource-limited settings

Palliative Care
Palliative Care and HIV - Questions and Answers for XVII International Aids Conference, Mexico City

CHAN pre-conference
Funding for Sustainibilityfor HIV/AIDS Programs

Behaviour Change
Motivational Interviewing for service providers - Get in motion to motivate change

CHAN pre-conference
Ethical Issues related to Preventing the Further Spread of HIV: Teachings and Actions of the Catholic Church

CHAN pre-conference
Spirituality and Pastoral Care

Positive Parenting
Capacity Building Workshop

Support for HIV infected children MsF

CHAN pre-conference
Moving from end of life care to positive living - Challenges of PMTCT at Community level in Malawi

CHAN pre-conference
Training of clergy and religious on pastoral leadership in the HIV epidemic in Papua New Guinea

Caring for the caregivers in the face of HIV and TB - HIV and AIDS Treatment in Practice


Palliative Care
Palliative Care Strategy for HIV and other diseases

Changing behaviour: using motivational interviewing techniques

CHAN pre-conference
Funding for Sustainability

Positive Parenting - Prayas
Case Histories 4 - Sexuality and planning for future

Positive Parenting - Prayas
Case Histories 3 - Relationship

Positive Parenting - Prayas
Case Histories 2 - Planning to have a child

Positive Parenting - Prayas
Case Histories 1 - Disclosure

Overcoming stigma and discrimination

file icon Health Commission - UISG/USG 01/21/2013 Hits: 1706

1. Operative Proposals for the Socio-Health Institutions of the Men and Women Religious (summary document)

2. "The Samaritan's Donkey Fell Ill.  Religious Healthcare Institutions as an Instrument to Exercise Charity in the 21st Century" (basic document)

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