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Health Commission

After the Congress on Religious Life in 2004, the Unions of Superiors General of men ( USG) and of women Institutes ( UISG) decided to set up study commissions in different areas.  Among these, the Health Commission was established.  It is composed of 10 – 12 members coming from the General Curia of various Institutes. 

After studying the various problems challenging the Consecrated Life, the Commission decided to give priority to the pandemic of HIV-AIDS and appointed a working group to reflect on and identify strategies for action in this area.

Since 2005, the Commission has undertaken several initiatives to establish a network of Institutes that deal with the AIDS problem in education, health and pastoral care. 

It is desired that the Health Commission widen its field of attention to cover other topics which are of interest to Consecrated Life, thus facilitate reflection and sharing of experiences and studies in fields of involvement of the different Religious Institutes. 

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