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Sacred Hearts Of Jesus And Mary. Letter 48 of the Superior General – HERE I AM, SEND ME

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October 25, 2017

image web 48 EA E doc smlMESSAGES - In this month dedicated to mission, it is good to remember an important date for our Congregation, the 20th October 1792, the day on which the Good Father left the Motte d’Usseau granary. Enlightened and inspired by the witness of St. Capricious, a martyr for the faith, he, decides to put his life into the Lord’s hands and leaves to proclaim the redeeming love of God, in a violent and difficult time. Let us remember his words: “When I finally left Maumain’s I prostrated myself at the foot of an oak tree not far from the house and I offered my life to God. I had become a priest with the intention of suffering everything, of sacrificing myself to the Good Lord and, if need be, of dying in His service. Nevertheless I had the premonition that I would be saved”. (P Hilarión Lucas).

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