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Ghana - Contributing to the Formation of Future Priests

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October 10, 2017


ghanaNEWS 2017 - From Kumasi, the second-largest city of Ghana, known as the Garden City thanks to the numerous species of flowers and plants in the surrounding area, the members of our new FSP foundation there write:

“We visited St. Gregory Major Seminary to hold a book display and today we went back to give all the seminarians the chance to choose the books they need. It was a wonderful encounter! The rector of the Seminary deeply appreciated our presence and was very pleased with the display.
We too were delighted to reach so many seminarians through our apostolate because we know that we are helping to form future priests. Ghana really needs the Pauline presence and we thank the Lord that now that we are here we will be able to reach many people, despite the fact that our community is still very tiny.”

We assure our sisters of a remembrance of them in our prayers and ask the Lord that the small seed of the Pauline presence he has sown in Ghana will sprout and grow larger than all the other plants in this wonderful “garden”!

Source: paoline.org

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