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JPIC Newsbrief September 2017

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October 10, 2017

LOGO JPICJPIC - September is the month in which JPIC Roma resumes activities after the summer holidays. Let us begin with enthusiasm with passion for God, passion for and compassion with our sisters and brothers, and passion for the care of the earth, our common home. In this issue, we focus on Networking, featuring the events that took place from July to September. During the Season of Creation,“We wish to offer thanks to the loving Creator for the noble gift of creation and to pledge commitment to its care and preservation for the sake of future generations...We urgently appeal to those in positions of social and economic, as well as political and cultural, responsibility to hear the cry of the earth and to attend to the needs of the marginalized, but above all to respond to the plea of millions and support the consensus of the world for the healing of our wounded creation”. (From the Joint Statement of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, September 1, 2017).

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