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Fr Paco Heads the Verbiest Institute

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July 26, 2017

paco pilgrimsNEWS 2017 - Fr Francisco Carin, who has lived for 23 years in Taiwan and China, obtained a doctorate at the Normal University in Beijing, speaks Chinese fluently, and teaches at the National Seminary in Beijing, succeeded Fr Jeroom Heyndrickx CICM in organizing activities of exchange and dialogue, and now heads the Verbiest Foundation.

The Verbiest Foundation in Belgium was established in 1982 to develop a new relation of cooperation and exchange with China and with institutes in China. Through the Verbiest Institute KULeuven the foundation sponsors academic research on the Catholic Church in China, its history and its present situation. The foundation also sponsors the Chinese College in Leuven and the Verbiest Institute of Taipei which both organize programs for formation of Catholic priests, religious and faithful in the field of practical theology, catechesis, pastoral, social ethics and spirituality. 

In early May 2017 Fr. Carin guided a group of 33 Chinese pilgrims to meet Pope Francis in Rome after they had followed a one-month Ongoing Formation Course in pastoral studies in Leuven.  Among them were 29 parish priests coming from 29 different dioceses in China, 1 religious sister and 2 faithfuls. Pope Francis welcomed the group on Wednesday, May 10 after the general audience.

During the minutes of cordial exchange, the Pope expressed his appreciation and admiration for the course of Pastoral Formation which the group is following in Verbiest Institute in Leuven (Belgium) and repeated once again his wish to personally visit China. In recent years more and more pilgrims from China visit Rome.

Source: claret.org

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