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Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit: International Formators Seminar

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ssps-formators-meeting-2-300x180FORMATION - Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit: International Formators Seminar

The 5th International Formator Seminar hosted by the Province of Timor is the first congregational event ever to take place in the huge and diverse island country of Indonesia.  It was a real Pentecost experience to be gathered as one family in all the diversity that exists among us – and that could be seen, heard, and experienced not as a threat, but as a source of joy and gratitude.

The theme of this 5th International Formators Seminar is: “Formation ministry – companioning toward communion”.

On this journey the icon of Jesus as the Good Shepherd will be accompanying us. “It is not just a sweet image”, as Sister Maria Theresia Hörnemann, congregational leader, reminded us in her opening address. Rather, the Good Shepherd should be one “with the smell of the sheep”, as Pope Francis put it once. Throughout the coming three weeks of our gathering we hope to share and reflect upon common concerns for us as a congregation, in particular in the area of formation. The seminar is facilitated by Sr. Ines Setiono (Indonesia-Java), Sr. Rosario Tayson (Philippines), and Sr. Miriam Altenhofen (CLT). Also Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann and Sr. Maria Cristina Avalos from the CLT are present among us.

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Source: internationalunionsuperiorsgeneral.org

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