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Pope Francis: Message to Congress on “Laudato Si’ and Big Cities”, “respect, responsibility and relations”

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July 17, 2017

popefrancis2013MESSAGES - “Respect, responsibility and relations”: these are the three “Rs” that enable us to address the “most existential imperatives of our coexistence”. Pope Francis wrote this in the message he addressed to the participants in the international Congress on “Laudato Si’ and Big Cities” that is taking place in Mexico City until 15 July. “Respect is the fundamental attitude man should have towards Creation”, Pope Francis wrote in his message in Spanish, focusing on the importance of water as a “fundamental right” that “should be guaranteed” to future generations by “the entire society”. “We cannot sit back and do nothing when we feel that air quality is seriously compromised or there is an increase in the production of waste that is not disposed of properly”, Pope Francis appealed, calling for “active responsibility” to be exercised in the protection of the environment so as to facilitate “the creation of a safer and more habitable home”. And, finally, the “growing disconnection” typical of our cities, but also of our rural areas. “The lack of roots and the isolation of some people are forms of poverty that can degenerate into acts of violence and injustice”, the Pope denounced, stressing that “it is important for society to work together in the political, educational and religious realms to create warmer human relations capable of bringing down the walls that isolate and marginalise people”.

Source: agensir.it

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