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iconografiaEVENTS - The Lasallian Research and Resources Service, coordinated by Brother Diego Muñoz, FSC, in collaboration with his staff and a team of students (interns from the 'Terza Università degli Studi di Roma Tre'), has prepared and set up a temporary exhibition on the fundamental Lasallian Iconography of John Baptist de La Salle. The exhibition is located at the Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Via Aurelia, 476, Rome.

"The goal and expectation of this exhibition is to fulfill the desire expressed by Brother Philippe, Superior General, in the Circular 269: 'Let us try to ensure that his image is not only before our eyes, but above all in our hearts' – recalls Brother Diego, adding: "You are all invited to know and appreciate, through various artistic renderings, the person of John Baptist de La Salle, Founder, Venerable, Blessed and Saint".

The exhibition, free and open to all, is composed of 24 panels: from the earliest iconographic works of Du Phly and Léger in Rouen, to the appearance of the Italian Lasallian iconography at the time of the canonization of the Founder that took place in 1900. For the preparation, the team examined the basic bibliography and what was available in the General Archives of the Institute, as well as other materials cataloged by the Italian Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Assets, which are also available at the Generalate.

"We would be delighted”, says Brother Diego, “if you would come to know and appreciate this attractive figure of an educator who dedicated his whole life to teaching, with a preference for the most needy and poor children.”

The commemoration of the ascent of de La Salle to the House of the Father will be celebrated in 2019. The logo designed for the occasion of the tercentenary of his death reminds us that John Baptist de La Salle is for all Lasallians a heart, a commitment, a life.

Brother Diego tells us: “Heart refers to the core of the person, to the foundation of our faith; Commitment reminds us of the reason for our existence, that is, to be for others, to serve as witnesses of Jesus Christ and his Gospel; and, Life means that our works are inspired by the Spirit who invites us to build a more fraternal human family”.

For those who would like to share or reproduce the exhibition material, it will also be available in digital format from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Source: lasalle.org

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