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UK: Celebrating peacemaking with Pax Christi UK at their annual gathering

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June 16, 2017

paxchristiNEWS 2017 - They came from north, south, east and west to London for the gathering which presented highlights of Pax Christi’s work and facilitated conversations on opportunities for peacemaking,  including how to use Remembrance to unlearn war, how to inspire  young peacemakers, and how to open our imaginations to promote Gospel nonviolence. The gathering learnt  of  the work of Pax Christi International through an interview with general secretary Greet Vanaershot and celebrated the peacemaking witness  of Nan Saeki and Rev Gyoro Nagase.

In his message to the gathering President, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon said: Last year I was on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and once again I was horrified by the injustice that prevails there. Pax Christi’s determination to achieve a just settlement for the Palestinian communities witnesses to the love of Christ in the land where he walked. In an age when countries are increasingly turning in on themselves and putting themselves first we must continue to be brave and look outwards to those who need Christ’s peace.

Chair Holly Ball identified five strategic aims that form Pax Christi’s planning for the years ahead: developing a nonviolence theology and working with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative; creating and supporting a community of peacemakers; strengthening our peace education work; planning for a smooth transition in leadership and ensuring financial stability to underpin our aims. Working groups are in place and carrying forward our vision. Pax Christi said farewell to Davina Bolt who stood down from the Executive Committee after ten years and welcomed Laura Atherton, elected as a new member...

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Source: paxchristi.net

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