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FSPs Release eBook and eMusic App

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June, 15 2017

comunicatriciNEWS 2017 - On 6 May 2017, the Daughters of St Paul launched their eBook and eMusic Mobile Applications in their local parish church in the presence of the parishioners who attended the Holy Eucharist.

Everyone was very appreciative of the venture and spoke well of the FSPs and their efforts to reach as many people as possible through their activities in the field of communication, especially the new media.

The Apps can be downloaded from Google PlayStore. They have a beautiful and easy-to-use framework. Once you sign up and Login once and for all, whenever you open the app, you go straight to the books or music. Those interested in books can read a free sample of the first few pages of a book before buying it, while those interested in music can enjoy a 30-second free sample before making their purchase.

Source: paoline.org

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