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JPIC Newsbrief - May 2017

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June 05, 2017

LOGO JPICJPIC - The month of May is marked by the Easter season and the devotion to the Mother of the Church, both of which remind us that true hope lies in the Risen Lord. In this Newsbrief, we gather stories of activities by JPIC groups trying to make that hope concrete. “Only in charity, illumined by the light of reason and faith, is it possible to pursue development goals that possess a more humane and humanizing value.” The sharing of goods and resources, from which authentic development proceeds, is not guaranteed by merely technical progress and relationships of utility, but by the potential of love that overcomes evil with good (cf. Rom 12:21). (Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritatis # 9). Mary, Star of the Evangelization, pray for us!

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