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Annual letter of the Superior general to the confreres of the Society of St Paul - Study in view of the mission

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May 04, 2017

sanpaoloMESSAGES - Dear Brothers, After proposing in the annual letter last year the theme of holiness1 as a style of life, I now invite you to deepen, in this year 2017, the dimension of study, another essential aspect of our life as apostle-communicators. Both of these “wheels” of the “Pauline cart”, according to the charismatic legacy we have received as a gift from our Founder, Blessed Fr James Alberione, constitute, with apostolate and poverty2 , the foundations of our life and mission of proclaiming the Gospel in the culture of communication. This letter does not pretend to present any novelty at all. Its objective is, continuing the thought of our Founder on study, to try to see how we live this specific dimension today, in a historical period characterized by “epochal changes”, involving all sectors of human life, especially the cultural one3 . And this is exactly from a context where men and women are themselves “creators” and actors of a culture strongly marked by global communication, fashioned in a very particular way in digital networks, where «new subjects with new styles of life, ways of thinking, of feeling, of perceiving and of establishing relationships emerge»

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