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Religious Superiors’ Association of South Sudan - Kit Center News n.8

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November 11, 2016

sud sudanSOUTH SUDAN - Dear friends, donors, sponsors and benefactors. Peace be with you! How are you? We have come to the last issue of KIT NEWS No. 8 . On 15 th October 2016 we have finally inaugurated officially the GOOD SHEPHERD PEACE CENTER of Kit. There were almost one thousand people and a very good atmosphere among the crowd who participated in this great and important event for us and the People of South Sudan. You can read more below. Our press release we have sent around to the local and international media houses. The Center has been a great achievement and this thanks to your solidarity, prayers and financial support. It has been a great pleasure to work and collaborate with each one of you and now after the is accomplished, we ask a special blessing from the Lord for each one of you. I and the executive of RSASS continue to count on you for the future activities done in the GOOD SHEPHERD PEACE CENTER. The residential religious team in Kit will continue to get in touch with you not any more through the usual KIT NEWS but with the GOOD SHEPHERD PEACE CENTER NEWS. A regular and short magazine will show the activities and reflections coming from the programs of the Peace Center. The team will get in touch with you and continue our great collaboration and friendship.

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