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Slovakia: series of video portraits of men and women religious to educate about consecrated life at schools

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October 13, 2016

ivaCONSECRATED LIFE - Religious communities in Slovakia have prepared a special educational project that is being offered to schools and catechetical centers in all dioceses. Various aspects of the consecrated life and charismas of religious congregations and orders will be introduced in a series of 45 short documentaries. The initiators of the project believe that this interesting presentation could enrich the educational process in primary and secondary schools run by the Catholic Church, as well as those state schools where religious education is taught as a non-compulsory subject. “The production of a 5-minute video portrait took me about three days. I wanted the messages of consecrated persons to reach beyond the borders of their convents and monasteries, to inspire people and make them realise that we are all people with similar problems, joys, worries… to put it in a more personal way”, explains Sr. Iva Kusikova, the author of the videos. According to her, “the way members of religious congregations and orders live and work represents a great enrichment for the entire society, and it is necessary to talk about it”. Details about the project can be found on the website www.zasvatenyzivot.sk.

Source: agensir.it, October 05, 2016

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