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Religious Superiors’ Association of South Sudan - Kit Center News

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September 21, 2016

kit centerSOUTH SUDAN - Report on funding and development

Center for Human, Pastoral and Spiritual Formation, Peace Building and Trauma Healing for South Sudanese and Church Personnel - lay, clergy and religious in Kit near Juba, SOUTH SUDAN.

Dear Friends, Donors, Sponsors and Benefactors. Peace be with you!

We are here again to give you further news on the development of the Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Center and to keep you informed of our plans to assist the mission of the Church in this new nation of South Sudan.

I believe that each one of you has heard about what happened at the beginning of July 2016 in Juba and the heavy fighting between the SPLA, the government army and SPLA IO, the army of the opposition of Riek Machar and others opposing the government. They were together in a tentative government of national unity but their divisions, different visions did not match in the last few months, and so we witnessed little progress in their dialogue for peace and development.

I invite you to read the document prepared by the Comboni Missionaries Provincial Council of South Sudan for their congregation and confreres to be updated of the real situation of the country and of the fast events, which are still in progress.

In spite of this situation, the religious congregations are still here in their missions and only a few have decided to leave the country. Almost all the the missionaries and religious have decided to remain together with the people and with the Local Church to witness the Love of God and his Presence overall in this particular tough time for the people. We, as RSASS, continue our activities and are focused on the finalization of the GOOD SHEPHERD PEACE CENTER OF KIT (the name has been chosen during our last general meeting of RSASS). The works on the ground will end this month of August 2016. We are happy to announce that we have scheduled our official opening of the Kit Center on 15 th October 2016 inviting all of you donors, benefactors, bishops of South Sudan, diocesan priests, religious and lay people. It will be an important step for the Church and the country since this is a confirmation that what is happening around us is a greater proof of what we really need in this society and in this new nation: peace, reconciliation and trauma healing giving a great focus on human and spiritual formation. I hope you put this date already in your agenda but we shall send you a special invitation very soon as reminder.

We are already preparing the mixed religious community who will be permanently in Kit center and living there. They will and plan and administer the Good Shepherd Peace Center on behalf of RSASS and be open to many different activities that will be planned by different organizations: RSASS, Local Church, Episcopal conference of Sudan and South Sudan, congregations, other churches, NGOs and so on. It is a great step forward that gives assurance that we are determined to help the people and the Church of South Sudan to take a big step forward for the peace building of a new generation of citizens and Christians.

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