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Almost a Miracle in South Sudan

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September 13, 2016

Sr Orla  girlsSOUTH SUDAN - The immediate outlook in South Sudan remains uncertain but many NGO personnel are now returning. A delegation from the UN Security Council is here. The clear message is that the world Is not abandoning the people of this strife-torn nation. I am not too old to notice that many of the returning foreign workers are young women! Notwithstanding recent terrible events described in the worldwide media, including the rape of foreigners, one has to admire the courage of these workers. I am witnessing the ‘miracle’ of what people are prepared to do when they are really motivated.

Last week, I was in Rumbek where I saw another, modern-day ‘miracle’ in which courage and the intelligent use of resources provided by generous donors, is also helping the people here in this time of great need and vulnerability.  Unfortunately, the high attendance rate of both teachers and students at Loreto is not typical of many schools in South Sudan. The story of the ‘Loaves and Fishes’, and the emphasis given by Pope Francis on the duty of people of faith to care and to share, was brought home to me. The holistic, Loreto approach shows how powerful a school can be in helping the deserving poor move from surviving to thriving.

There are good things happening in South Sudan.

- Br Bill

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