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Prayers for South Sudan

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July 13, 2016

sud sudanSOUTH SUDAN - South Sudan is at civil war since the end of 2013. Serious hostilities among the different ethnic groups did not end with any of the many ceasefires signed since January 2014, nor with the formation of a unity government. While some areas of the country are more affected by violence than others, war and its consequences are very much a part of life for millions of South Sudanese citizens today.

The last five days have seen the heaviest fighting in Juba since the war began.

The international community had taken little meaningful action to stop the fighting. The UN forces have even been unable to protect civilians at their UN bases in Juba.There are reports indicating that some 800 people have been killedand more than a thousand civilians wounded in Juba during recent days.

Br. Bill Firman, Director of Solidarity with South Sudan has been reporting directly from their centre in Juba. Although the situation is very tense – he reports – everyone in the compound is safe and the atmosphere is good among the group. The general living quarters of the Solidarity community are well back from the main road and the house is made of plastered concrete block. They have solid walls or buildings on all sides. They havefood and electricity but, obviously, not the freedom to walk outside the compound for safety reasons.

Brothers Yacouba Sawadogo (Afrique de l’Ouest), Denis Loft and Bill Firman (ANZPPNG) are together in the Solidarity community in Juba along with another eight missionaries and volunteers from different countries and Religious congregations. All are well.Brother Michel Fleury (France) is also in Juba but in another part of the city. Brother Billhas been in contact with him by phone. He and the street children under his care arealso fine. Brother Joseph Alak (Proche Orient) is currently on leave in Egypt visiting his home District.

Let us pray for peace in South Sudan, for its people and for the Brothers, Volunteers and Religious working there.

May lasting peace be restored.

Fr. Jorge Gallardo de Alba

Vicari General


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