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Final message of the meeting of the major superiors of the Society of St Paul

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July 09, 2016

superiori maggioriMESSAGES - l Rome 22 - 30 June 2016 We, the Major Superiors of the Society of St. Paul – together with the Superior General, Fr. Valdir José De Castro, and the General Government – gathered in Rome from 22 to 30 June 2016, send our most fraternal greetings to the Pauline confreres of all the Circumscriptions. During these days of intense work in a climate of fraternity and conviviality we have reflected together on the present ecclesial moment and on the situation of our Congregation almost a year and a half from the celebration of the X General Chapter. We have retraced the journey of every Ci rcumscription, assessing it based on the Final Document of this Chapter, and we were updated on the projects being executed along the operational lines contained therein with the accompaniment of the General Government . Among these , we noted , in particular , the preparation of the 2 nd International Seminar of Pauline Editors, the reorganization of St Pauls Biblical Centre and the work of the Commission entrusted with drafting the lines of pedagogical identity of the educational Centres operating in the Circu mscriptions. The reports of the CTIA, the SIF, the General Officials, the Postulator and the Director of the Centre of Pauline Spirituality were also heard , and the revision of the Norms of the Congregational was discussed. Finally, the situations of the Houses dependent on the General Government, the Aggregated Institutes and the International Apostolic Organisations (CIDEP, GEC, CAP/ESW) were taken into account. Drawing from the Chapter document « “I do everything for the Gospel” (1Cor 9:23). Paulines, evangelizers - communicators. In Christ new apostles for humanity », which represents the real challenge of the entire Congregation during these years, we share with you the main points which, together with each of you, we wish to achieve and commit ourselves to:

- invest in communication and dialogue between the Paulines, between the Circumscriptions , and between these and the General Government with its Organisations;

- promote openness to universality and to internationality of our Congregation, both at the lev els of apostolate and formation;

- develop further the sense of solidarity and fraternity, unifying our forces within the Congregation, the Pauline Family and the universal Church;

- respond with audacity to the most urgent challenges and to those which ask of us a decisive change in mentality and action at all levels: community, formation and apostolate;

- take seriously the commitment to become formators in the field of communication and in the biblical field.

Dear brothers, it is our strong desire to make the experience of communion and mutual attention, which we ourselves have experienced in these days, a style of renewed Pauline brotherhood in all our communities and Circumscriptions. May Jesus Master, throug h the intercession of the Queen of the Apostles and of Blessed James Alberione, grant us all to make our own the words of the Apostle Paul: « Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect » (Rom 12:2). We greet you in Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life.

The participants at the Meeting of the Major Superiors of the Society of St Paul

Rome, 30 June 2016 Solemnity of St. Paul the Apostle

Source: paulus.net

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