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Preparation of the General Chapter 2018 (brothers)

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June 21, 2016

David Glenday webNEWS 2016 - June 14 the General Government  met in the General House with Father David Glenday to move forward the preparation of the Extended General Council (EGC) this coming September. This time, Camille Sapu who resides in Louvain did not come to the meeting. 

Father David Glenday is a Combonian missionary, former general superior and now the secretary of the Union of General Superiors. The General Government  has asked for his collaboration in the preparation of the next General Chapter 2018. We count on his vast knowledge of what's going on in religious life and on his spiritual outlook. Father David will be present at the EGC on the day that we consider the agenda for the General Chapter. 

Source: ssccpicpus.com, 06/15/2016

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