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Taiwan- Award to the FSPs for Best Vocation Film

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May 19, 2016
NEWS 2016 - This year, for World Day for Vocations, the Archdiocese of Taipei launched a contest to see who could produce the best film on vocations. Sr. Teresa Huang, fsp, submitted a short video entitled, The Joyous Apostle–the story of Sr. Lauretana Murayama, a Japanese FSP missionary who has lived in Taiwan for 50 years. This intrepid missionary has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for a long time now but she continues to be a presence of peace, joy and prayer for the whole community, especially the young women in formation.
Filmed by means of a cell phone, the mini-documentary won first prize–not because of its display of cinematographic expertise but because of the simple and vibrant message of Sr. Lauretana, who witnesses to how one can be an apostle in every situation of life.
Our thanks to Sr. Teresa for her creativity and also to Sr. Lauretana–the “star” of the show!

Source: paoline.org
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