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KENYA - Presentation of the Civic Education Series

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May 16, 2016

6 kenia ed civicaNEWS 2016 - Sr. Olga Massango of Paulines Publications Africa recently presented the Bishops of Kenya with a series of 12 booklets and an equal amount of short documentaries on civic education. The presentation was broadcast live by the Kenya Television Network (KTN) and other local TV stations.

The Civic Education Project sprang from a reflection that took place during the 2013 Continental Meeting held in view of forming a Christian African culture and was realized with the help of persons qualified in the field and the heads of various national departments.
The 12 documentaries, instead, are the fruit of a two-year course of formation in the field of communications in which 6 of the circumscription’s African sisters and two lay employees participated. The course, conducted by the Verona-based organization Lights in the World, was sponsored by the Italian Episcopal Conference.
The Bishops deeply appreciated the booklets and documentaries, saying that they are timely and urgent for the formation of youth. The President of the Episcopal Conference, Bishop Philip Anyolo, then thanked the Daughters of St. Paul for their intensive apostolic activities in Kenya and throughout Africa.
Source: paoline.org, April 29, 2016
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