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Presenting the Pope with the Bible Africaine

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March 11, 2016

bible afrNEWS 2016 - On 3 March 2016, Pope Francis had a private audience with Cardinal Robert Sarah and FSPs Sr. Pelagiè Banze and Sr. Noemi Bergamin, who presented him with a copy of the newly-published Bible Africaine. The edition is the fruit of extensive collaboration between the Daughters of St. Paul of our Congo and East Africa circumscriptions. The FSPs of East Africa, who published the original African Bible in English and hold the rights to it, generously allowed our sisters of the Congo to use the critical apparatus of their edition for the French translation. Other major collaborators in the project were the French Bible Society and a team of biblical and theological scholars from French-speaking Africa.

In presenting the Bible to the Pope, Cardinal Sarah pointed out the special characteristics of the text, whose pastoral notes, introductions, commentaries and graphics were all prepared with scrupulous attention, making the most of the cultures and values of the Africa people.
Pope Francis listened attentively and commented: “This is truly an inculturation of the Word for the benefit of the people.” Sr. Pelagiè then offered him a gift copy of the Bible, which he accepted with surprise and gratitude. He then posed with the group for a picture to commemorate this significant occasion.
Source: paoline.org
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