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Pope says obedience 'must be swallowed'

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papaREFLECTION - Pope Francis on Monday in a non-scripted address to participants gathered for the conclusion of the Year of Consecrated Life said that obedience is something that "must be swallowed" at times, as it's "doing something we don't want to do".

"Just like my Italian is so poor at times that I have to use sign language, one must swallow that obedience, but one does," Pope Francis said. Commenting on the drop in those called to the religious life, Pope Francis said "sometimes I feel tempted to lose hope".
He jokingly said there are some congregations that attempt "artificial insemination" by opening their doors to anyone, but highlighted the importance of opening convents only to those who are serious about their calling and are compatible with the "identity" of the congregation itself.
Pope Francis also mentioned deceased priests and nuns, and said "we have to tell the Father to come down on these cemeteries and see what our ancestors have done and give us more of those who feel called, because we need them".

Source: ansa.it, February 01, 2016

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