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A New Vatican Document on Catholic-Jewish Relations

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 December 14, 2015

vativcanINTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE - Fifty years ago, the declaration "Nostra aetate" of the Second Vatican Council was promulgated. Its fourth article presents the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people in a new theological framework. The following reflections aim at looking back with gratitude on all that has been achieved over the last decades in the Jewish–Catholic relationship, providing at the same time a new stimulus for the future. Stressing once again the unique status of this relationship within the wider ambit of interreligious dialogue, theological questions are further discussed, such as the relevance of revelation, the relationship between the Old and the New Covenant, the relationship between the universality of salvation in Jesus Christ and the affirmation that the covenant of God with Israel has never been revoked, and the Church’s mandate to evangelize in relation to Judaism. This document presents Catholic reflections on these questions, placing them in a theological context, in order that their significance may be deepened for members of both faith traditions. The text is not a magisterial document or doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church, but is a reflection prepared by the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews on current theological questions that have developed since the Second Vatican Council. It is intended to be a starting point for further theological thought with a view to enriching and intensifying the theological dimension of Jewish–Catholic dialogue.



  1. 1. A brief history of the impact of "Nostra aetate" (No.4) over the last 50 years
  2. 2. The special theological status of Jewish-Catholic dialogue
  3. 3. Revelation in history as ‘Word of God’ in Judaism and Christianity
  4. 4. The relationship between the Old and New Testament and the Old and New Covenant
  5. 5. The universality of salvation in Jesus Christ and God’s unrevoked covenant with Israel
  6. 6. The Church’s mandate to evangelize in relation to Judaism
  7. 7. The goals of dialogue with Judaism

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Source: vatican.va, December 10, 2015

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