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UISG News: Going on Pilgrimage During this Year Dedicated to Consecrated Life, by Sr Patricia Murray, IBVM

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September 29, 2015

UISG NEWS - Going on Pilgrimage During this Year Dedicated to Consecrated Life: However, this memory walk of gratitude and penitence is not enough because the Year of Consecrated Life has another clear purpose which is to discover “…a great history still to be accomplished.” 

Not only are religious to walk into past history to reflect on their founding charism and its growth and development through time but they must walk towards future horizons where the Spirit is sending them “in order to do even greater things.” 

Where are the new peripheries today for religious to go? Like their founders of old and the early members of their congregations, religious need to literally walk to the new edges of need guided by their founding charisms. Those most in need today rarely come knocking on convent or monastery doors; they don’t necessarily come looking for priests or religious. They are often disillusioned with institutions – including the Church – which have seemed so indifferent to their personal and family struggles.

Like Pope Francis, religious have to look like people “who really walk”, who are willing to physically go and walk through city slums, no-go areas and struggling rural areas, in order to knock on doors, stop people in the streets for a chat, locate places where conversations are taking place, and make friends so that as a kindly presence they can offer a helping hand to a brother or sister.


Going on Pilgrimage During this Year Dedicated to Consecrated Life


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UISG (International Union of Superiors General) provides an international forum where superiors general of institutes of Catholic women religious can share experiences, exchange information and mentor one another in their role as leaders. UISG encourages dialogue and collaboration among religious congregations within the Church and larger society.










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