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Russia: learning communication, a seminar for parishes

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July 15, 2015

gorbunovFORMATION - A seminar to learn to share "what happens in individual parishes and in the communities of our local Church, bearing witness to how and when people go to church, and what is offered to those seeking an encounter with God in the Catholic tradition" will take place next September 17-20 in Moscow. The invitation comes from Fr Kirill Gorbunov, chair of the Information Service in the archdiocese of Moscow and of the portals ruskatolik.rf and gaudete.ru. "Our parishes are hundreds, even thousands of kilometers apart, but as regards information it's as if the distance separating Kaliningrad and Berezniki between Kursk and Murmansk were as far as the moon", said Fr Gorbunov. Thus "there is a need for communities that are capable of finding their own voice, of speaking of themselves and of the life inside the Church", claimed the Moscow priest. Although many parishes "already have their pages on social networks, internet, and their own newsletters" Gorbunov added, "often these are re-prints of news that can be found on other websites which aren't always of high quality, while original information is unknown beyond the parish". The seminar envisages workshops on the delivery of news, videos and photography, reflection on the presence in the information arena.

Source: Servizio Informazione Religiosa, June 19, 2015

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