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World AIDS Day prayer service and Hymn Suggestion booklet

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November 21, 2014

SPIRITUALITY - The 2014 World AIDS Day Prayer Service produced by the AIDS Committee of the IHM Sisters, Monroe, Michigan and a booklet with the words to the suggested hymns. We encourage you to share this prayer service with any individual, group, diocese, NGO - with anyone who may interested in using it or sharing it with an even broader network.  Feel free to use it as is or even sections as you pray for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS throughout the world.

FYI - the service is also posted on the ihmsisters.org web site. http://ihmsisters.org/living-justly/peace-and-justice/current-issues/global-aids-crisis/online-resources/

World Aids Day 2014, IHM Prayer Service


Hymn Suggestions Booklet 2014

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