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Just a Tent as the Heart of our Future - Letter of Emili Turù, Superior General of the Marists

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November 13, 2014

LETTER - Dear Marists of Champagnat, On June 6 this year, the message I recorded on video announced three years of  preparation to celebrate the Marist bicentennial; each year is represented by an icon  reminding us not only of an historical event, but also of a fundamental dimension of our life: 2014|2015 Montagne; 2015|2016 Fourvière; 2016|2017 La Valla.

I intend to write a letter on each of these subjects along our way to 2017. The one you now hold in your hands offers a reflection on the global theme of the bicentennial: a new beginning.

200 years of Marist stories

Along its two hundred years of existence, the Marist Institute has seen many generations passing the baton on to the next by telling – by a word in the ear, an almost imperceptible whisper – stories about the essence of their life and mission. From the humble house of La Valla, the stories spread all over the world, and were told in a thousand languages within the most different contexts.

There is a mystical movement in Judaism called Hasidism, whose members pass on to each other stories about their leaders, about what they have seen and heard as privileged witnesses. According to them, the words used to describe these experiences are more than just words; they convey what has happened to the next generation with such realism that the very words they use become events in themselves. For instance, by explaining a miracle, it acquires new power; the energy that is activated by telling the story spreads again through the living words, remaining active even after many generations are gone.


Letter: Just a Tent as the Heart  of our Future



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