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Belgium - Don Bosco International is now a member of the European Alliance for Investing in Children

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October 06, 2014

BRUXELLES – In September, the Salesian NGO Don Bosco International became the 21st member of the European Alliance for investing in Children. The EU Alliance is committed to ending child poverty and to promoting child well-being across Europe. At a time when over a quarter of children in the EU face poverty and social exclusion, the added-value of this Alliance is to push for full implementation of the European Commission Recommendation “Investing in Children – Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage”.

The Alliance partners believe that the EU policy framework and funding opportunities can catalyze political commitment and policy reform within Member States, thereby improving the quality of life of children and young people in Europe.

The Alliance is active at EU-level but also at a national level with two pilot national alliances in Spain and the UK.

Activities which have been prioritized within the Alliance include:

At European  Level:

Carry out common advocacy on key occasions:
Draft an ‘Implementation Handbook’ for the EC Recommendation Investing in Children;
Provide support to National Alliances.

At National Level:

Carry out advocacy at national and sub-national level; ensure dissemination of the Recommendation to promote reform; use opportunities from the EU (Europe 2020; European Semester, Structural Funds) to promote investment in children;
Organize a high level event with national politicians and policy-makers;
Carry out consultations, participatory activities with children and young people;
Capacity building

Source: infoans.org, 03/10/2014



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