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Comboni: Letter to celebrate the 150 years of the Plan for the regeneration of Africa

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September 21, 2014

MESSAGE - With this message we wish to celebrate the 150 years of the Plan for the regeneration of Africa, that Plan in view of which Daniel Comboni saw it was necessary to found in Verona the Institute of the Missions for Africa with a variety of members, men and women, religious and lay.

Born from the Plan and for the Plan, we cannot forget that this is the bond left to us by our Founding Father, a precious legacy which, still today, the Comboni Family intends to receive and preserve with deep gratitude, responsibility and commitment.

We who are responsible for the Institutes founded by him – Comboni Missionary Sisters and Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus – and for the other missionary expressions that draw their inspiration from his charism – Secular Comboni Missionary Women and Comboni Lay Missionaries –, also aware of the many other persons and groups of laity who, in growing numbers and different forms, live with us the Comboni missionary passion, wish to write this letter to share a brief reflection on the Plan that still accompanies our missionary life and challenges us to become a response to the various missionary situations that we live today in those places where we are present.

In this letter we also wish to express our desire to show the relevance today and the validity of the insights which St. Daniel Comboni put together in the pages of the Plan, recognising that it has been a real and effective means in the missionary work carried out by so many Confreres and Sisters during the past 150 years, first in Africa and then in other parts of the world.

We also wish, if it is possible, that this reflection may become a way of celebrating this anniversary, allowing ourselves to be affected by the urgent needs of the mission which, notwithstanding the considerable efforts to bring the Gospel to those who are far away, continue to challenge us.

We wish to hear again, by means of the thoughts impressed upon the Plan, the cry of St. Daniel Comboni who calls us to consecrate our lives to those who are, in the world of today, the poorest and most abandoned, who have the right to receive the proclamation of the Word.

We also believe that this is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the gift of the Spirit who worked in the heart of our Founder and in the lives of many of us who succeeded in carrying out the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa by the joyful giving of their lives in the mission and for the mission.

We hope that these few lines may be an invitation to continue to live our consecration with the same passion that moved St. Daniel Comboni right from the time of its first edition.

Letter to celebrate the 150 years of the Plan


Source: comboni.org, September 15, 2014

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