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Liberia - Ebola: the situation in Matadi

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September 17, 2014

ebola2HEALTH - The director of the Salesian "Don Bosco Youth Centre," Fr Nicola Ciarapica, sent to ANS an update on the situation in the district of Matadi, in Monrovia, where the Ebola virus continues to claim victims in the midst of fear, indifference, mistrust and poverty.

"First of all, I thank the Lord who hears the prayers of so many and who has protected us from the contagion until now. Among other intentions we pray for and ask for prayers, is that our faith may not be shaken, so that we continue to believe that the Lord is on our side and that we are in His fatherly arms even if sometimes the news talks of cases of infection occurring nearer to our mission.

Unfortunately, here, the Ebola virus continues to make victims and every day there are still new cases being enlisted to a point that the structures do not seem to be sufficient enough. The situation is somewhat confusing and the people are afraid. They are afraid not only the infection, but if a family member was infected, they are also afraid to be isolated or be brought to the places assigned for the sick; thus they hide the corpses without reporting them so that they have the occasion not to be discovered nor moved to other places. Often this spreads the infection.

This fear has caused a loss of confidence in the health service of private clinics and even in the large hospitals that were reopened. Often they are afraid to seek treatment for malaria, typhoid fever or a cough ... so many die because of these diseases!  In our district of Matadi, 70% of the population subsist by their daily work (there are vendors selling in roadside stands, taxi drivers, workers, the unemployed ...). Only 30% have a house built with concrete blocks. They have little money to eat, less for a house, and even still less for a hygienic safe environment.

With the help of more mature and prepared animators, we continue our service of information to the people, distribution of hygiene supplies, collaboration with medical organizations and especially our help to families who are struggling financially.

A good news is that, last August 28, the World Health Organization (WHO) had proposed and sought funding for a project to reduce within 6-9 months the infection of the Ebola virus, eradicate  haemorrhagic fever and prevent the spread of virus to other countries. They are all good reasons to remember this in our prayer intentions".


Source: Agenzia Info Salesiana, September 11, 2014

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