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An urgent appeal! A drop of water for my people

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May 15, 2014

maristes alepMESSAGES -  To my brothers and friends,
I am a Marist Brother Georges Sabe, I live in Aleppo, Syria.
For more than 3 years my people have been suffering an atrocious civil war. The city of Aleppo, my city, where I grew up and where I am now, is suffering terribly.
United with the more than 2 million inhabitants of my beloved city(new born, children, young people, adults, and the elderly), we, the Marist Blues, also cry:  "WE ARE THIRSTY".
The rebels have cut off the water...
We have been 10 days without having a drop!
It is a disgrace!
We need your help!
Remaining silent means becoming an accomplice…

Help us to make known what the city of Aleppo is suffering today.
Aleppo is thirsty...
Aleppo is being punished to death...
It is a disgrace in this 21st century to be assisting at the death agony of a whole people in the face of world indifference.
Please, we need your support.
We need your support.
We need your support.
Write to your politicians, to the media, to the global and local humanitarian associations.

Inform your pupils and families.
Start campaigns on the social networks.

Remaining silent means becoming an accomplice…
How can you tell a child God loves him when he is suffering from thirst?
How can you tell a child God loves him very much when he is afraid?
How can you say to a child "God loves you" when all he lives is inhuman?
Please, we cry from the depths, with the little voice that is left us...
Help us to welcome life and not death...
Do something...

You can follow the evolving situation on our facebook page:maristes alep.
Thank you for all you do to save our people.

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