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Jesuits Announce First-Ever Communal Prayer Experience for Lent and Easter 2014

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March 07, 2014

mtgl-logo-240SPIRITUALITY - On Sunday, March 2, the Jesuits of the U.S. will embark on a digital, communal Lenten/Easter prayer experience. Moved to Greater Love is a nine-week program beginning the week of Ash Wednesday and concluding the second week after Easter. All are invited to join at Jesuits.org/GreaterLove.

The nine U.S. Jesuit provincials who conceived of the project describe it as “an invitation to magnanimity, silence, creativity and depth, calling all to consider how God’s love burns away fear and opens us up to respond generously and wholeheartedly.”

Moved to Greater Love will emphasize individual prayer and reflections surrounding four specific graces: gratitude, spiritual freedom, vision and joy. A two-week period will be dedicated to each grace, beginning on a Sunday with an introduction that explains the grace being sought. Daily online presentations will offer questions for reflection, a reading, and multimedia content. Reflections will be posted on the Jesuits’ national website, Jesuits.org, and those interested may sign up for a daily email link to online content.

The program is named for a phrase regarding spiritual graces from the Memoriale of St. Peter Faber, a companion of St. Ignatius Loyola and one of the early Jesuits.

“This is the first time the Society has done something on a national level where we’ve invited Jesuits, those who work with us in our ministries and anyone who’s interested in a deeper Lenten experience to join with us in prayer,” said Jesuit Father Thomas H. Smolich, president of the Jesuit Conference. “As the Society of Jesus looks to the future, being grounded in prayer helps us respond to God’s call with greater spiritual depth and freedom.”

For more information, visit Moved to Greater Love at Jesuits.org/GreaterLove and follow the Jesuit Conference on Facebook and Twitter for daily Moved to Greater Love updates.


Source: jesuits.org, February 28, 2014

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