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The Hope Generation - Symposium of Young Lasallians

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February 27, 2014
EDUCATION - Building Hope Together.This was the theme of an international meeting of adolescents and young adults involved in the Educational Mission of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Over 40 people, young Brothers, teachers, and volunteers hailed from more than 30 countries to meet at the Generalate of the De La Salle Brothers in Rome between 10th and 14th, February, 2014. 
The main intended outcome of this meeting was to identify and prioritize objectives and lines of action for the Young Lasallian Movement.This movement aims at awakening awareness of the personal and collective vocational journey of adolescents and young adults involved in the Lasallian Educational Mission. It engages them on a personal, professional and spiritual level to go beyond their boundaries to reach out so that they and those they accompany may have life, and have it in its fullest. (John 10:10)
Br. Álvaro Rodriguez, Superior General of the Institute, challenged delegates to be Generation ‘H’ - the Hope Generation, committed to building together a world that is more livable, more human and more fraternal. He also encouraged the delegates to feel impelled by the words of Pope Francis: 
“Through you the future is entering the world. I ask you then to be protagonists of this change. Continue getting beyond apathy and offering a Christian response to the social and political problems that are occurring in various parts of the world. I ask you to be builders of the future”. (Pope Francis)
After discussion, prayer, and reflection, the entire group engaged in a process that resulted in creating priorities and challenges for the Young Lasallian Movement that will be shared worldwide.
H. Alberto Gòmez Barruso
Fratelli delle Scuole Cristiane
Consigliere Generale
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