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Solidatity with S.Sudan

Solidarity with South Sudan


Solidarity with South Sudan is a UISG/USG sponsored collaborative venture of more than 170 religious congregations who have united their charisms, finances and personnel in response to the invitation of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference to rebuild the Church and society in South Sudan following more than five decades of civil war.


Why now?
This is a KAIROS moment for South Sudan.  Decades of civil war have seriously hampered the country’s development.  It is an opportunity to help build a new nation in collaboration with the local church and the people of South Sudan.


Southern Sudan 2010 - Images by Paul Jeffrey

Current initiatives:

  • over 1,000 teachers are in training
  • nurse training has commenced
  • full-time pre-service teacher training will begin in October
  • commercial and community farming
  • working with the local church to train parish personnel and youth leaders
  • women are being formed to serve as peace builders and healers


What is needed?
South Sudan’s greatest need is the building of human capacity. To assist with this task, Solidarity welcomes sisters, brothers, priests and lay personnel to help train teachers, health care workers, pastoral agents and community developers.


Website: www.solidarityssudan.org

Further information:

Contact us!
Tel: +39 06.6840.0223
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Uneasy peace takes hold after violence marks South Sudan's fifth anniversary

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anne kiraguSOUTH SUDAN - A ceasefire called Monday in South Sudan, the site of bloody clashes this past week between troops of opposing political factions, appeared to be holding as of Friday, July 15, but the peace is uneasy at best. The latest crisis for the world's newest country has left hundreds dead and tens of thousands displaced.

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yudithSOUTH SUDAN - Interview with Sr. Yudith Pereira Rico – Solidarity South Sudan Coordinator. What were their impressions of the situation, and why did the leave? Impressions: The conflict in Juba seems to be well planned, and the leaders of both parts where calling to their own military followers. Army members, and state workers, have not received their salaries...

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South Sudan: “Our hearts have gone dark”

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sud sudanSOLIDARITY WITH S. SUDAN - As the South Sudan marks its fifth anniversary, the Amnesty International in a new report, entitled “Our Hearts Have Gone Dark”: The Mental Health Impact of South Sudan’s Conflict, documents the psychological impact of mass killings, rape, torture, abductions and even a case of forced cannibalism...

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Prayers for South Sudan

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sud sudanSOUTH SUDAN - South Sudan is at civil war since the end of 2013. Serious hostilities among the different ethnic groups did not end with any of the many ceasefires signed since January 2014, nor with the formation of a unity government. While some areas of the country are more affected by violence than others, war and its consequences are very much...

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The Hidden Poor

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at least we have foodSOUTH SUDAN - Last week, Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, in a televised statement on the state-owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation publicly admitted that the government is broke and has no money to pay for both public and civil servants. He called on the civil servants, who have not been paid for three months...

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