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Solidatity with S.Sudan

Solidarity with South Sudan


Solidarity with South Sudan is a UISG/USG sponsored collaborative venture of more than 170 religious congregations who have united their charisms, finances and personnel in response to the invitation of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference to rebuild the Church and society in South Sudan following more than five decades of civil war.


Why now?
This is a KAIROS moment for South Sudan.  Decades of civil war have seriously hampered the country’s development.  It is an opportunity to help build a new nation in collaboration with the local church and the people of South Sudan.


Southern Sudan 2010 - Images by Paul Jeffrey

Current initiatives:

  • over 1,000 teachers are in training
  • nurse training has commenced
  • full-time pre-service teacher training will begin in October
  • commercial and community farming
  • working with the local church to train parish personnel and youth leaders
  • women are being formed to serve as peace builders and healers


What is needed?
South Sudan’s greatest need is the building of human capacity. To assist with this task, Solidarity welcomes sisters, brothers, priests and lay personnel to help train teachers, health care workers, pastoral agents and community developers.


Website: www.solidarityssudan.org

Further information:

Contact us!
Tel: +39 06.6840.0223
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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A missionary: "In South Sudan there is an ethnic but above all political and power conflict"

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ssudanSOUTH SUDAN - "It is too easy to describe the conflict in South Sudan as exclusively ethnic. The struggle for power, corruption, poor management of military, political leadership, of resources and the lack of basic freedom are real situations that complicate the conflict strongly", writes to Fides Fr. Daniele Moschetti, a Comboni missionary who served in South Sudan for six years...

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Mushroom Leadership

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s sudan julySOUTH SUDAN - There are many different styles of Leadership. In 1978, I read a parable in a Hong Kong newspaper  that caught my attention and I have used it many times since in talking about leadership. At that  time the Soviet Union had been led by only four General Secretaries, or Presidents, who held the  positions for a significant time: Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev...

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Very Basic Problems in South Sudan

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south-sudan-2017-jeffrey-E1450SOUTH SUDAN - The fighting, the killing, the raping, the savagery of the civil war in South Sudan, make the headline news but among the quiet and peaceful, general populace there are some very basic problems facing the people, especially those who live in the PoC camps or the large towns. Powdered milk, tea, coffee, sugar and all kinds of food are already very expensive...

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Solidarity with South Sudan - News July 2017

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s sudan julySOUTH SUDAN - Unfortunately, the situation in South Sudan is always critical. The United Nations has warned that South Sudan's hunger crisis is worsening and blames South Sudanese warring factions of failing to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing civil war. We propose to you this prayer made by CRS...

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A violent cancer

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south sS. SUDAN - When violence erupted in Juba in December 2013, it spread quickly to only three of the ten states that then existed in South Sudan: Upper Nile, Unity State and Jonglei State. The fighting was intense and a town such as Malakal, in Upper Nile State, was successively under opposition and government troops at least a dozen times. It very quickly became a very ‘dirty’ war...

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