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Justice Peace and Integrity of Creations

The Commission for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) has its roots in the Pastoral Costitution Gaudium Spes (cf. n. 90) and in the Synod of Bishops on Justice in the world (1971). It was formalised as a joint working group with USG / UISG in 1982.

To promote and support the integration of JPIC in the life and mission of Religious
Institutes, members of USG and UISG, in coordination with the Superiors General, their leadership teams and the promotors of JPIC at international level.

1. Information - Constant updating on the world situation in the area of JPIC.
2. Sharing - Exchanging projects, experiences, documents, and aids between religious Institutes.
3. Formation - Creation of opportunities for indepth reflection on aspects regarding JPIC directed to empowerment in this area.
4. Action - To support and/or promote campaigns directed towards the causes of injustice and the violation of Human Rights.

• Two joint Presidents, one male and one female, Superiors General, nominated by
the Executive Council of the USG/UISG
• The General Secretaries of USG and of UISG
• The Director of SEDOS
• The Executive Secretary of the JPIC Commission
• A representative of the Pontifical Council “Justice and Peace”
• 4 Superiors General, 2 from each Union
• 4 or 6 other religious promotors of JPIC in their own congregations.

The Executive Committee has a role of reflection and animation, associated with the realisation of the projects or programmes of the Commission.
The Executive Secretary, nominated by USG/UISG, fulfills an active and permanent role of animation and coordination.

The Commission networks with organisations and associations that work for JPIC.
In particular with: the two groups of religious promotors of JPIC at international level present in Rome, the Pontifical Council for “Justice and Peace”, Caritas Internationalis, the Service for Documentation and Study (SEDOS), the Africa-Europe-Faith-Justice- Network (AEFJN), the Interfaith Centre for Peace and Justice (CIPAX), NGOs of Catholic inspiration, the UN Commission for the interfaith Decade of Peace.


For further informations: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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JPIC Newsbrief September 2017

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LOGO JPICJPIC - September is the month in which JPIC Roma resumes activities after the summer holidays. Let us begin with enthusiasm with passion for God, passion for and compassion with our sisters and brothers, and passion for the care of the earth, our common home. In this issue, we focus on Networking, featuring the events that took place from July to September...

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JPIC Workshop Letter for Superiors General

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LOGO JPICJPIC - Dear Superior General, Peace and all good! We invite you and your Leadership Team to consider a JPIC Commission-sponsored formation opportunity for congregational promoters of Justice, Peace and care for the Integrity of Creation (JPIC), which will take place in Rome from November 15 to 18, 2017. In light of the many challenges in the world today...

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JPIC - E-News 25 August, 2017

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LOGO JPICJPIC - We hope that all is well with each of you and that you had some time to enjoy these summer days. Welcome back to many of you who have been in other countries. We continue to keep the needs of our troubled world in our prayers as well as delight in the many blessings from God. Here are some upcoming prayer petitions and activities: Intention of Pope Francis; September: Parishes...

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JPIC Newsbrief June 2017

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LOGO JPICJPIC - The month of June brings the conclusion of our season of activities at JPIC Roma. We look back with gratitude on all we have accomplished knowing that in God’s grace it all came to completion. We also look forward with hope, knowing that the future is not our own. “We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is God’s work....

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JPIC Newsbrief - May 2017

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LOGO JPICJPIC - The month of May is marked by the Easter season and the devotion to the Mother of the Church, both of which remind us that true hope lies in the Risen Lord. In this Newsbrief, we gather stories of activities by JPIC groups trying to make that hope concrete. “Only in charity, illumined by the light of reason and faith, is it possible to pursue development goals...

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