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Fr. Silvano Garello, a missionary "wordsmith" who can win over Muslims

Fr.-Silvano previewTESTIMONY - Dhaka : "Words are fleeting; books remain," said Fr Silvano Garello, 74, a member of the Xaverian Missionaries society. "For this reason, I have based my mission on the written word. I believe that for Bangladesh, it is one of the most fruitful methods. Even many Muslims benefit from it. " The Xaverian missionary...


Vietnamese nuns work with people of other faiths

Vietnam previewINTERRELIGIOUS DIALOG - In 2009 Sr. Mai Thanh of Our Lady welcomed a practical suggestion from the France-based Fraternité Chrétienne Vietnam Cambodge Laos (FCVCL) that has made a difference in how people in Ho Chi Minh City receive healthcare. The non-profit, which also provides scholarships for young doctors from...


I am Rwandese

rwandapreviewTESTIMONY - Twenty years ago, Pina’s country of Rwanda, was struck by an absurd civil war that resulted in the death of at least 800 thousand people in a few short months. “For the past twenty years my people have continued to mourn the victims of the war and, at the personal level individuals visited private cemeteries.”


Formulating a National Policy on Children

kollashanypreviewTESTIMONY - Fr. George Kollashany SDB is on a visit to Delhi as a ‘core’ group member that is entrusted with the task of formulating a National Policy on Children in contact with railways, a task to be completed in the next six months. He came to meet Fr. Joe Mannath and Sr. Claudette Miranda DSP...


Social worker nun brings Church to support 'neglected' survivors

Social-WorkpreviewJUSTICE AND PEACE - Phillipines: Benedictine Sr. Edita Eslopor and fellow Typhoon Haiyan survivors gained Cardinal Luis Tagle’s support for their effort to press the Philippines government for more efficient and humanitarian response to the crisis left by the devastating typhoon that hit the central...


On Leadership in the Church

REFLECTION - “Surely it is high time, and surely it would be to everyone’s advantage to ‘shake off the dust of the Empire that has gathered since Constantine’s day on the throne of St. Peter’” (Congar 1964:  127). These words spoken by the great John XXIII will continue to challenge the Church leaders as long as they do not give up...


Sister Ministers of the Sick of St. Camillus: 34th General Chapter

NEWS - I am pleased to greet you and invite you to be one with us, the Sister Ministers of the Sick of St. Camillus, as we prepare to celebrate the 34th General Chapter. This ecclesial and congregational event will be held in our Generalate House in Rome from 21 May to 10 June 2014, with the participation of twenty-eight sisters of the Chapter...


Sudan faces worsening hunger and malnutrition crisis

JUSTICE AND PEACE - Farmers and herders in Sudan need urgent support to help prevent the food security situation in the country from deteriorating further, FAO warned today. Some 3.3 million people are currently suffering from food insecurity with numbers likely to rise to 4 million in the coming months due to a combination of increased...


USG - UISG wish Happy Easter!

"Why are you looking for among the dead one who is alive?

He is not here, he is risen"

(Lk 24:5-6)




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